grape and wine products


  • The client requests a product or products, directly or through our network of agents, with specifications, quantity and delivery or pick up requirements.
  • Based on the details of the request, such as country of origin or varietal specifics, the request is sent to our  satellite offices in Europe, in Italy, Germany & France, who secure the product(s).
  • Samples are sent to the client for tasting and testing purposes.
  • Results are discussed and any adjustments, if necessary, are made, including re-sampling.
  • Upon approval of a final sample, the client provides a purchase order and secures credit or makes financial arrangements.
  • Prior to a shipment, a pre-shipment sample of the contents of the container is sent to the client for a final approval.
  • Product is then either picked up by the client at our facility, or delivered to the client's port of choice, or directly to the client’s requested destination.

Juice concentrates